What is Guru?

According to the ancient scriptures, a person with very specific qualities only is entitled to the position of Guru.

In religious scriptures glories of Guru has been sung immensely. The position of Guru has been accepted as higher than GOD.

The followers of ‘Vedant’ religion whom the world nowadays calls 'Hindu', give a huge importance to Guru-disciple tradition. Because of this some clever people have taken monopoly over the title of Guru.

The child born in a particular class is Guru by birth. The extent of misuse of religion and the title of Guru that is happening in this age has never happened before. There is flood of Gurus in the market. The relationship of Guru and disciple is purely monetary based in this age.

The Guru of today becomes the Guru of the entire family on his own. This is breeding financial oppression therefore it is very important to think deeply in this relation. The glories sung in our scriptures about the title of Guru cannot be wrong so why is this title going through such a deplorable condition? We should try to find what is Guru in reality? The scriptures haven’t sung the glories of Guru just like that.

Kabira Dhara agam ki sadguru diyo lakhaya Ulat tahi padhiye sada, Swami sang lagai.
Guru Govind dou khade kake lagu pai Balihari Guru apno jin Govind diyo milay
— Saint Kabir while praising Guru.
  • From the above verses, it becomes clear that the one who has the power to give the direct experience of GOVIND (Supreme Power) alone is entitled to be called 'Guru' and to the title of Guru. One who cannot do that doesn’t have the right to be called Guru.

  • Guru is a position. A number of things are required to reach the stage of Guru. The way a specific physical knowledge is required to get a position in the physical world, in the same way spiritual knowledge is required to reach this position as this is a spiritual position. The way magnetic force develops in iron after going through a number of reactions similarly man after undergoing intense spiritual practices gets the shelter of his Spiritual Master.

  • If the Guru considers the disciple to be worthy then he does ‘Shaktipat’ (transition of divine energy) once the disciple has completely surrendered. By the ‘Shaktipat’ of this kind, man becomes ‘Dwij’ (twice born). This way he becomes entitled to the position of Guru but he doesn’t get the position till the Spiritual Master is in the body consisting of five physical elements. The moment HIS physical body dies, all the spiritual powers enter in the body of the disciple. Only the Guru is aware of all this process.
  • The disciple in whom ‘Shaktipat’ was done remains unaware of it till the Spiritual Master is alive. The disciple gradually becomes aware of it when the spiritual powers start showing their effects in the physical world on entering his body after the Spiritual Master has left the world. This way the one who reaches this position of Guru due to the fruits of actions of many past births and by the grace of GOD and blessings of Guru alone is a true spiritual master. The position in the physical world is for limited period but the position of GURU in the spiritual world is for life time.
Such an enlightened Guru after completing his tasks in the physical world when reaches the last stages of his life gets the divine vision. He can see unlimited past and future. Because of this, seated at one place he is able to find the suitable person whom he can hand over the title of Guru before leaving the physical world.
  • On the strength of his spiritual powers, he calls the person near him and forces him to surrender and then gets immersed in meditating on GOD. True GURU is one who is completely enlightened and who is in direct connection with GOD.

  • Therefore any one who comes in connection with such a GURU starts having spiritual experiences immediately. Spiritual powers start guiding him in the physical world. This way that person rises high in the physical and spiritual world. The demonic tendencies run miles away from him. This person staying calm, quiet and fearless benefiting not only himself but also countless people in the world reaches his ultimate GOAL. This is the effect of the grace of the spiritual master. Such a saint who reaches a state where he can make people ‘dwij’ (twice born) is entitled to be called GURU.

  • The position of GURU is not something that can be bought. The Guru position cannot be achieved by being born in a particular caste or by enacting by colouring the clothes or by studying ancient scriptures (Shashtra). It is about colouring your mind and heart in the colour of GOD.
Money doesn’t have prime value in the spiritual world. This is a world of faith, trust, kindness, love and surrender. One gets a true spiritual master by good fortune & human effort doesn’t play much role in this.
  • God's power is more than the millions of suns put together. By connecting with such a Supreme Power Guru becomes like philosopher’s stone. So, any human who comes in contact with such a stone becomes gold. Without having such qualities and attributes, all the Gurus who are roaming around in the world are just enacting for their livelihood. They are just misleading the innocent people to achieve their means.