Awakening of Kundalini

The Kundalini can be awakened only by the grace of an empowered Spiritual Master.

The empowered Spiritual Master who has attained the Siddhi of the ‘Akash Tattva’ (Krishna), alone can awaken the Kundalini and help one attain ‘Moksha’, no one else.

Indian Rishis (Sages), in relation to the origin of universe, found in the state of deep meditation, that the entire universe exists within the human body. When they delved deeper in meditation, they found that the Creator of the universe is residing over the crown of the head in ‘Sahasraar’ and his divine power (Kundalini) is residing at the base of spinal column in ‘Mooladhaar’. The world was created by these two.

The Kundalini descended to the base at the command of the Supreme Creator. The upward movement of Kundalini leading to it’s finally reaching ‘Sahasraar’ after being awakened, is what is called ‘Moksha’ (salvation).

  • According to the process in ‘Shaktipat Initiation’ (Diksha) in ‘Guru -Shishya Parampara’ ( Master-disciple tradition), the Samarth Guru (Empowered Spiritual Master) awakens the Kundalini by his power and makes her travel upwards. As the Guru has complete control over Kundalini, it functions as per his commands.

  • As Kundalini is the ‘Para Shakti’ (Supreme Divine Energy) of the Supreme Creator who dwells in ‘Sahasrara’, it follows the command of only the Supreme Creator. From this, it becomes very clear that only the person who attains the ‘Siddhi’ of that Supreme Power, who dwells in the ‘Sahasrara’, is entitled to control Kundalini. Since Kundalini works through only one person at any given time in the world, so the job of the awakening of Kundalini can be done by only one person at any given time in the world. Since such a Spiritual Master is ‘Sarvabhoumsatta’ (Universal Power), he is capable of bringing unprecedented radical change in the world.

The feminine divine power (Devi Shakti) whom we worship by the name of Radha, Sita, Parvati, Amba, Bhavani, Yogmaya, Saraswati, etc. in the world, resides in our body in a coiled form in three and a half layers at the base of the spinal column in Mooladhaar in a dormant state and has been called ‘Kundalini’ by the Yogis. A man’s behaviour remains like an animal in the absence of an awakened Kundalini. The Kundalini can be awakened only by the grace of an empowered Spiritual Master.
  • In Siddha Yoga, the empowered spiritual master awakens the Kundalini of the seeker by His grace through Shaktipat initiation. When the awakened Kundalini reaches ‘Sahasrara’, it is called salvation. Our scriptures say, “So long as the Kundalini remains in a dormant state, the behaviour of man will be like that of an animal and he will be unable to attain the divine knowledge of the Supreme Power despite doing a thousand kinds of Yogic practices.”

  • When the Kundalini gets awakened by the grace of the spiritual master through the Shaktipat initiation, it takes the body, life force, mind, and intellect of the seeker under its control, hence, a seeker starts having various kinds of experiences at the physical, mental, and intellectual levels such as different kinds of Yogic movements (Kriyas) like Asana (Body postures), Bandh (Locks), Mudra (Hand gestures), Pranayama (Breath regulation), change in mindset, and subtle understanding of the spiritual subject. A person becomes ‘Dwij’ (twice born) in a real sense.

  • After the Shaktipat initiation, the seekers undergo different kinds of experiences according to their past life ‘Karmas’. Scriptures have categorized them as Kriyawati, Kalawati, Varnmaye, Vedhmaye, Gyanmaye, etc. types of initiation. In the ‘Kriyawati’ initiation, the moment Shaktipat occurs, the seeker experiences different kinds of Yogic movements like Asana, Bandh, Mudra, and Pranayama automatically. The cooperation or non-cooperation of the seeker doesn’t matter in the occurrence of these Yogic Kriyas. The seeker continues to mentally chant the mantra given by the Guru while keeping the focus at the ‘Agyachakra’. The awakened Kundalini induces all kinds of Yogic movements directly under its control. The automatic occurrence of these Yogic Kriyas during meditation is an open challenge to physical science.

  • The Kundalini rises up through all types of Yogic Kriyas. In this way, the Kundalini power pierces through the three ‘Granthis’- Brahm-granthi, Vishnu-granthi, and Rudra-granthi and the six Chakras- Mooladhar, Swadhishthan, Manipoorak, Anahad, Vishudh, and Agyachakra and makes the seeker reach the state of equanimity or the state of Samadhi. In this way, the seeker attains the ‘Kaivalyapad’ described in the Patanjali Yoga philosophy means he attains the final goal of Vedanta by uniting with God which the sages have called salvation.

The Sacred Science of Kundalini.