Benefits of GSSY

GSSY relieves the practitioner from Physical Diseases, Mental Disorders, Spiritual Afflictions, any type of Addictions as well as from the Cycle of Birth and Death.

Freedom from Physical and Mental Diseases

  • Shaktipat Initiation by Gurudev Siyag awakens the Kundalini of the seeker. Once awakened, the Kundalini brings about different types of yogic kriyas like Asan (postures), Bandh (locks), Mudras (gestures) or Prananyam (regulation of breath) or body movements like clapping, swaying, laughing, crying making sounds etc.

  • Only that part of the body experiences kriyas which is diseased. For instance, if you are experiencing problems in the shoulder or neck you may undergo yogic kriyas in that area. Once the Kundalini fortifies and tones up that area, the kriyas cease to take place.

  • Yogic kriyas are as per the needs of each individual so are different for different people.

  • These are automatically induced by the Kundalini (Divine Feminine Power) during meditation. The Yogic kriyas do not happen according to the seeker’s desire. The seeker can neither make them happen willfully nor can he stop them.

  • These Yogic Kriyas stimulate and tone up the ailing parts of the body and continue to happen till it is cured which gradually frees the body from all kinds of physical diseases including those considered incurable by medical science. like – AIDS, Cancer, Diabetes, Arthritis, Asthma, Hepatitis, Hemophilia (Genetic Diseases), Migraine, etc. as well as mental afflictions like stress, depression, phobia, sleeplessness, anger etc.

  • The impact of GSSY is completely based on the practitioner's sincerity and dedication toward the practice. The more sincerity the practice is done with, the faster the disease is cured.

  • Regular practice of GSSY strengthens the immune system.

  • GSSY is especially beneficial to students as it improves their concentration, grasping ability & retention power.

Freedom from Addictions

  • Regular practice of GSSY frees the spiritual aspirant from all kinds of addictions such as drugs, alcohol, smoking, chewing tobacco etc. without suffering from any withdrawal symptoms.

  • Practitioner does not have to make the efforts to leave the substance.

  • GSSY destroys the desire within the person to consume a particular substance.

  • The practitioner therefore does not experience any withdrawal symptoms.

  • As the person didn’t leave the substance forcefully, he / she does not relapse into the habit again.

  • Gurudev Siyag sums up the freedom-from-addiction quite simply: "You don't have to give up the things; the things will give you up.

  • Similarly, with food too, GSSY destroys the desire within the person to consume certain foods that may cause illness.

Spiritual Benefits

  • Regular practice of GSSY brings about change in tendencies of the spiritual aspirant. The tendencies shift from Tamasic (dark and negative) to Rajasic (energetic and passionate) and from Rajasic to Sattvic (pure and divine) tendencies leading to spiritual evolution.

  • Spiritual evolution gives knowledge about the indefinite past and future during meditation. Gurudev often mentioned in his discourses that the seeker can see and hear unlimited past and future during the state of mediation.

  • Attainment of both worldly pleasures and spiritual enlightenment while leading a family life. Gurudev Siyag says that the practitioner can experience both material and spiritual progress simultaneously through GSSY

  • The spiritual aspirant ultimately attains salvation and gets freed from the cycle of birth and death.