Frequently Asked Questions

Gurudev Siyag's Siddha Yoga

  • Is Siddha Yoga free of charge?

    Yes, it is completely free of charge.

  • I am from a different religion. Can I still practice Gurudev Siyag’s Siddha Yoga?

    Yes, Gurudev Siyag’s Siddha Yoga is for the people of all nationality, religion, caste and creed. In short it is for the benefit of entire mankind.

  • Is the transformation by meditating on Gurudev still possible although Gurudev is no longer in his physical body?

    Yes, transformation by meditating on Gurudev’s image is still possible as Gurudev was never limited by his physical body. Being an enlightened and an empowered Spiritual Master, He is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscience.

  • Is it necessary to come to AVSK, Jodhpur to benefit from Gurudev Siyag’s Siddha Yoga?

    No, it is not necessary to come to AVSK, Jodhpur to benefit from Gurudev Siyag’s Siddha Yoga.

  • If I already have a Guru, can I still benefit from Siddha Yoga?

    Gurudev says that one can benefit from Siddha Yoga only when the person accepts him as Guru and surrenders. At the same time it is important to follow the spiritual practice as told by Gurudev with full faith. Apart from this, while following the practice of GSSY, only Sanjeevani mantra has to be chanted and no other mantra to be chanted along with it.

  • What are the rules and regulations I have to follow in order to benefit from Siddha Yoga?

    There are no rules and regulations to follow. The seeker needs to do only two things regularly – Meditate twice a day in the morning and evening preferably on an empty stomach and chant the Sanjeevani Mantra as much as possible while performing the daily activities as well as while meditating.

  • If it is possible for a person who drinks and is non vegetarian to practice Siddha Yoga?

    Yes, you do not need to change your life style to practice Siddha Yoga. Gurudev used to say, “You need not give up the things, the things will give you up.”

  • What is the aim of this Siddha Yoga?

    Spiritual Evolution and Divine transformation of mankind.

  • Can we tell about Gurudev’s Siddha Yoga to others?

    Yes, you may.

  • Do I need to quit my family life for practicing Gurudev Siyag's Siddha Yoga?

    No. All the married couples can very easily practice Gurudev Siyag's Siddha Yoga while carrying out their household duties.

  • I don’t suffer from any kind of disease or mental stress; how can I still benefit from Siddha Yoga?

    The ultimate aim of Siddha Yoga is Self realization and liberation from the cycle of birth and death. As Gurudev says in many of his discourses that he is here to give salvation. This is the ultimate benefit one can have by practicing Siddha Yoga.


  • Can we meditate for more than 15 minutes?

    No, Gurudev told to meditate only for 15 minutes.

  • Why can’t we meditate for more than 15 minutes?

    Gurudev says that this meditation produces heat in the body. Therefore, if someone meditates regularly for more than 15 minutes then the excess heat can harm the body in the long run.

  • Should we chant the Sanjeevani Mantra ourselves or can we just keep hearing it in Gurudev’s voice?

    The Sanjeevani Mantra has to be chanted by the disciple as much as possible while doing all the daily activities like bathing, eating, driving etc.

  • Is it compulsory to meditate twice a day?

    Yes, it is best to meditate twice a day- in the morning and evening. If due to certain circumstances, you are unable to meditate once in a while, it is okay.

  • Do I have to wear any particular dress while meditating?

    No, you can wear anything you want while meditating.

  • Can I get up in the middle of meditation if something requires my attention?

    Yes, you may.

  • In which direction should I sit to meditate?

    You may sit facing any direction.

  • Do I need to sit in a particular way to meditate?

    No, you may sit comfortably on the floor, mat, couch, chair, bed, or meditate while lying on the bed if unwell etc. Meditate by sitting in any posture that is comfortable.

Sanjeevani Mantra

  • What are the precautions one should take while chanting the Sanjeevani mantra?

    The following precautions should be taken while chanting the Sanjeevani mantra:-

    1. The Sanjeevani mantra is to be mentally chanted without moving the lips and tongue while doing the daily activities and during meditation too.

    2. No other mantra should be chanted with the Sanjeevani mantra.

    3. Do not distort or change the Sanjeevani mantra in any way.

  • Gurudev says in one of his discourses, " Keep my voice with you, without the voice there will be no effect"- Ater listening to this, many disciples ask if they should continue to play the mantra audio while meditating?

    No, absolutely not. Gurudev said this when he recorded the Sanjeevani mantra for the first time in a CD on 30 July 2009. Before this Gurudev used to give the Shaktipat Deeksha in his presence through Shaktipat Programs organized for masses. It is at this time that he said the above by which he meant that it is only after listening to the Sanjeevani mantra in his voice that it will have any effect on a new seeker. So one has to always hear the mantra first in Gurudev's voice for Shaktipat initiation and also for the mantra to be effective.

  • Can we add 'Om' before or 'Namah' at the end of the Sanjeevani mantra?

    No, Gurudev has clearly said not to interfere with the Sanjeevani mantra as that will make it ineffective. So, chant the mantra as told by Gurudev.

  • Can we chant other mantras like Gayatri mantra or Mahamrityunjaya mantra or Durga stuti or chalisa etc. as I am used to chanting it along with chanting the Sanjeevani mantra?

    No, Gurudev has clearly said not to chant any other mantra while chanting the Sanjeevani mantra as then it will not give any results.

Conversation with Gurudev

Gurudev answered the questions of disciples during the Initiation programs at AVSK, Jodhpur.

  • Disciple-01

    How long will it take for the Kundalini to get awakened?

    Gurudev: It doesn’t take time. In this the faith works. Have you made some other Guru?


    Yes Gurudev! He is a Swami ji in Varanasi.

    Gurudev: See, the divine mantra which I tell, you will be benefitted if you chant it. Whatever you will wish that will happen.

  • Disciple-02

    Gurudev! I saw during meditation that you are Bhagwan Shri Krishna. What does it mean?

    Gurudev: (smilingly): That is up to you.

  • Disciple-03

    Gurudev! she is my wife from Russia. She wants your blessings for her family and that they too should meditate on you.

    Gurudev: Sure. Do one thing. Take my book in English- Religious Revolution in the world and my CD. Show it to your family members and show it to everyone in Russia and chant all the time.

  • Disciple-04

    Gurudev! I have some problem in my kidneys. My stomach also aches all the time. Doctors have said that both the kidneys are not functioning.

    Gurudev: It will be alright, just chant the mantra.

  • Disciple-05

    Gurudev! I am preparing for a competitive examination. What should I do to succeed in the exams?

    Gurudev: Come on Thursday for initiation program. Will also tell the method of meditation. If you will do that, you will succeed in the exam.

  • Disciple-06

    Gurudev! I find it difficult to chant the mantra.

    Gurudev: You will have to chant the mantra. To reach the destination, you only have to walk. Means you will have to chant the divine name.

  • Disciple-07

    Gurudev! I am not able to meditate?

    Gurudev: Chant the mantra all the time, round the clock, like the chain of a bicycle.

  • Disciple-08

    I am not able to chant the mantra. What may I do?

    Gurudev: Keep trying. Anything is possible by trying.


    Gurudev! I am able to listen to ‘Naad’ now. So, should I hear the ‘Naad’ or should I chant the mantra?

    Gurudev: Listen to ‘Naad’


    I cannot hear it in crowded places or in a noisy area. What should I do then?

    Gurudev: At that time, you should chant the mantra.


    And Gurudev! What about during meditation?

    Gurudev: Listen to Naad during meditation.

  • Disciple-09

    Gurudev! The spleen is growing day by day. Have shown it to the doctors but there is no improvement.

    Gurudev: Chant the mantra, it will be alright.

  • Disciple-10

    Gurudev! There is a knot in the stomach.

    Gurudev: Of what? Cancer?


    Yes, Gurudev!

    Gurudev: Chant the mantra and meditate. It will be alright.


    Gurudev my chest and legs and hands pain all the time.

    Gurudev: When did you take initiation?


    Gurudev! Today.

    Gurudev: Chant the mantra. It will be alright.

  • Disciple-11

    I have AIDS.

    Gurudev: Does your wife also has it?


    Yes, Gurudev!

    Gurudev: Both of you meditate for 15 minutes and chant the mantra all the time, you will be alright.


    Gurudev! I am not able to meditate.

    Gurudev: Keep chanting the mantra all the time.

  • Disciple-12

    Gurudev! I hear the ‘Ajapa’ and the ‘Naad’ at the same time. What should I do?

    Gurudev: Listen to ‘Ajapa’

  • Disciple-13

    Gurudev! My family and I meditate on you. We have stopped worshipping God, Goddess and ‘Navratri’ worship too. There won’t be any troubles due to this?

    Gurudev: There will not be any problem. Now I have come, meditate on me. I am the tenth Avatar. I am ‘Kalki Avatar’.

  • Disciple-14

    Gurudev! Can we meditate for more than 15 minutes?

    Gurudev: Meditate only for 15 minutes and chant the mantra all the time, round the clock. You have to meditate only for 15 minutes. Some people sit for longer duration. This will cause problems later on.

  • Disciple-15

    Gurudev! The wound on my leg is not getting healed. I am meditating regularly.

    Gurudev: How did this happen?


    I was bitten by a snake. I showed to a doctor. The test report said that I have blood cancer. But after meditating I got cured.

    Gurudev: Do you have a negative report of the case?


    Yes, Gurudev! I have both positive and negative reports but this wound is not getting healed.

    Gurudev: Continue chanting the mantra. Gradually, it will be healed.

  • Disciple-16

    Gurudev! I have the problem of Blood Pressure.

    Gurudev: Meditate and chant all the time. It will be alright.

  • Disciple-17

    Gurudev! There is a hole in my heart.

    Gurudev: Since when?


    I showed it to a doctor about a year back. He says that it needs to be operated.

    Gurudev: It will be alright, Chant the mantra.

  • Disciple-18

    Gurudev! Both my kidneys have failed. I am on dialysis.

    Gurudev: From where have you come?


    From Orissa.

    Gurudev: It will be alright. Chant the mantra.

  • Disciple-19

    Gurudev! Is ‘Naad’ heard from only one ear?

    Gurudev: Yes, from one as well as both ears.

  • Disciple-20

    What is that which is there in this mantra and how is this process different from other yoga technique?

    Gurudev: Shri Krishna was the ninth avatar and I am the tenth avatar. I am Kalki avatar, my picture helps to meditate. The picture of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna doesn’t help to meditate.


    Maharishi Aurobindo has described in his book that man shouldn’t have any plans instead should have a goal, then the path gets made on its own.

    Gurudev: Right. That book has described about my avatar and every word written in that book is correct and has been written about me. I am Kalki avatar.


    Due to busy schedule and daily activities, I am not able to do intense chanting then how will ‘Ajapa’ happen?

    Gurudev: No problem, get up early and meditate. When you are with patients, give full attention to them.


    Should I do Gayatri havan (fire sacrifice) or not?

    Gurudev: Gayatri worship is for ascetics (sannyasis), not for house holders. I have also done the Gayatri worship but it gave me only poverty. Since I took Radha-Krishna initiation, I am well off.


    Gurudev! These ‘tamsik’ powers are now troubling people a lot. When will they be destroyed?

    Gurudev: They will be destroyed. Definitely they will be destroyed but it will take some time. Maharishi Aurobindo said, “Iron age has ended.”


    Can’t these ‘Tamsik’ powers be destroyed completely? Do they trouble you as well?

    Gurudev: Son, these ‘Tamsik’ powers cannot even dare to come near me. It cannot harm me at all. These ‘Tamsik’ forces will be destroyed, I have come only for this……… “I have set out alone to elevate the ‘Satogun’ and destroy the ‘Tamogun’ in mankind. No single caste, religion or country has monopolistic rights over me.” I am the tenth avatar, the Kalki avatar. I have all the rights of ‘Kalki’ avatar.


    I feel very sleepy after doing meditation. I go off to sleep very often.

    Gurudev: This is not sleep, it is ‘tandra’ (trance). The dream seen during this kind of sleep always comes true.


    If I treat a patient after remembering your name, then will you stand by me?

    Gurudev: Definitely. Treat by remembering my name first, I will always be there. The Physical Science doesn’t accept things easily but by chanting the mantra and meditation thousands of AIDS patients have been cured.


    There are many disciples who are taking medicines as well as chanting the mantra. When will they get to know that the time has come to drop the medicines and stay only on chanting and meditation?

    Gurudev: By this mantra chanting and meditation, the patient lives without any problem throughout his life. He doesn’t die because of any disease.


    After starting the chanting and meditation on you, problems have increased.

    Gurudev: These are the attacks of the ‘Tamsik’ forces, which occurs on my special disciples. You don’t need to worry about it. They cannot do any harm to my disciples.

  • Disciple-21

    (A ten-year-old child) Gurudev! I am suffering from asthma.

    Gurudev: Such a young child! Chant the mantra and go for morning walks.

  • Disciple-22

    Gurudev ! I am diabetic.

    Gurudev: From where have you come?


    From Bangalore

    Gurudev: Do you take insulin?


    Yes, Gurudev!

    Gurudev: Chant the mantra and it will be alright.

  • Disciple-23

    Gurudev! I have breast cancer. Doctors have removed the breast. Now it has reached till shoulders and now one hand is of no use at all.

    Gurudev: It will be alright. Chant the mantra and meditate on me.

  • Disciple-24

    Gurudev! I am always fearful. I cannot stay alone even at home.

    Gurudev: When you feel scared, focus on my image at ‘Agyachakra’ (Third Eye) and pray. Meditate on me.

  • Disciple-25

    Gurudev! I have urinal problem.

    Gurudev: Since when?


    Since last 5 years. I am taking allopathic medicines but no improvement. Heat in the body has increased due to medicines.

    Gurudev: Chant the mantra and it will be alright.

  • Disciple-26

    Gurudev! My son suffers from mental stress. He cannot sleep without taking the sleeping pills.

    Gurudev: Chant the mantra while going to sleep, you will be able to sleep and meditate on me- early in the morning.


    Gurudev! I have done the worship of Goddess Gayatri and many others. Will I get the credit of those in this spiritual practice?

    Gurudev: No. They have no relation with this spiritual practice. It is my duty to take you ahead in this spiritual practice.


    Gurudev! Now you are in body so we can ask you for solution to all our problems and doubts. How will our doubts be cleared after you leave the physical body?

    Gurudev: See, I am Kalki avatar. One can meditate through my photo. After I leave the physical body, my ‘picture’ will not die. It will give reply to you.

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