What is GSSY?

Gurudev Siyag's Siddha Yoga is an easy-to-do meditation and chanting based yoga

GSSY seeks to take practitioners to the pinnacle of evolution and ultimately bring about the Divine Transformation of all mankind.

Siddha Yoga has come from the ancestral Masters of the ‘Nath Sect’. Ancient sage Matsyendra Nath ji was the first to learn this from Lord Shiva, who is the embodiment of the eternal supreme consciousness, in the latter’s celestial abode in the Himalayas. The sage was asked to gift the knowledge of Siddha Yoga to mankind for its salvation. The knowledge and wisdom contained in it was handed down from ages to ages in the time-honored Guru-Shishya (master-disciple) tradition.

As it includes other types of Yoga like Bhaktiyoga, Karmyoga, Rajyoga, Kriyayoga, Gyanyoga, Layyoga, Bhavayoga, Hathyoga etc, it is also known as Mahayoga.

Unite effortlessly with the Supreme Consciousness by the grace of Gurudev Siyag
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  • Listening to the Sanjeevani mantra in Gurudev’s voice is Shaktipat initiation. After Shaktipat initiation, a disciple needs to do the following two things regularly:

    1. Mentally chant the Sanjeevani mantra without moving the lips and tongue round the clock while doing your daily activities.

    2. Meditate in the morning and evening for 15 minutes each preferably on an empty stomach.

  • By the awakening of Kundalini (feminine divine energy) as a result of ‘Shaktipat’ initiation (Diksha) as described in Siddha Yoga, the practitioner is relieved from physical, mental and spiritual afflictions and also gets freed from the cycle of birth and death. Gurudev Shri Ramlal Ji Siyag is giving concrete form to this Siddha Yoga.

  • Disciples who are regularly meditating and chanting the Sanjeevani mantra given by Gurudev Siyag are getting relief from all kinds of worldly problems, freedom from different kinds of physical and mental diseases as well as addictions of all kinds. Students are experiencing phenomenal improvement in concentration and memory.

  • Siddha Yoga is immensely beneficial in curing physical and mental diseases and restoring and harmonizing the psycho-physical balance in a human body. However, using it for this purpose alone is to leave out its sole aim — liberating the seeker from the bondage of Karmas (actions), which tie him down to the perennial cycle of life and death. By practicing the Siddha Yoga one can awaken the consciousness within and use this knowledge for higher purposes.


  • A completely evolved form of man is God. How is it possible for mankind to realize this highest evolved state?

    The simple and easy way to achieve this is by practicing Gurudev Siyag’s Siddha Yoga which requires the seeker to meditate and chant the Sanjeevani mantra given by Gurudev. The self evident doesn’t need any proof. Try meditating for 15 minutes after hearing the Sanjeevani Mantra in the divine voice of Gurudev and looking at his picture for a minute or two.

  • Why are we able to meditate by looking at Gurudev Siyag’s picture?

    Gurudev Siyag attained “Sagun Sakaar” (God in visible form) and “Nirgun Niraakar” (God in invisible state) Siddhis in his lifetime. According to Maharishi Shri Aurobindo if any person can attain both the above Siddhis in one life time then that person can transform the entire mankind. Since Gurudev attained both the Siddhis, one can easily meditate by focussing on Gurudev’s picture.