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Krishna Siddhi in 1984
Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag
Founder and Patron of AVSK, Jodhpur

Gurudev had a tough poverty-stricken life since his childhood. His father left the world when Gurudev was hardly two and a half years old. His saintly mother who was the epitome of ‘Shakti’ raised him by doing some labour jobs. After completing his high school studies, Gurudev took a job as a clerk in the Indian Railways to help his mother financially.

  • Gurudev attained the Gayatri Siddhi in 1969. One day he received a command in a meditative state to worship Bhagwan Shri Krishna. After this, Gurudev started chanting the name of Shri Krishna.

  • After some time, he felt an inner urge to go to Badrinath Dham. At Badrinath Dham, Gurudev prayed to Lord Krishna. In the meditative state, Badrinath Ji said to him, “Whatever I have, I have received it from Mohanlal (another name of Shri Krishna). So, you should go to Vrindavan or Mathura.” Therefore, Gurudev went to Vrindavan and prayed to Bhagwan Shri Krishna with full devotion. Bhagwan Shri Krishna appeared and said, “I was a herdsman here, you should go to Dwarika where I was an emperor. Whatever you will ask for at Dwarika, you will get it.” Gurudev had got frustrated by now so he said, “If you really want to give then give it. Why are you making excuses for no reason?” Now in the meditative state Gurudev saw that Bhagwan Shri Krishna came near him while playing HIS flute and asked Gurudev to play the flute. Gurudev replied that he didn’t know how to play it. Shri Krishna said that HE would teach him to play the flute and while saying this HE placed the flute in Gurudev’s hands and disappeared.

  • After this, Gurudev went to Dwarika many times. Each time Bhagwan Shri Krishna appeared before him and said, “After the completion of your spiritual practice, I will grant you whatever you will ask for.”

  • In the year 1984, on his last visit to Dwarika, Bhagwan Shri Krishna appeared before him and said,

  • "Today I grant my entire divine power to you. There is no need for you to come to me anymore."
    HE further said, “When the Moon of Libran zodiac will move to a higher zodiac in your horoscope then I will grant all kinds of material comforts and wealth to you automatically.”

    Gurudev says that after having the ‘Darshan’ of Bhagwan Shri Krishna, he attained the ‘Krishna Siddhi’.

  • Once in a meditative state Gurudev saw that he had reached the shores of a magnificent ocean. He saw a mountain that looked like the ‘Sumeru’ mountain described in the Holy Scriptures and a boat that was tied to it through a string. Then he saw the boat moving towards him. In the boat Gurudev saw an extremely beautiful child, about nine to tenth months old, sleeping. The face of that child was extremely beautiful, attractive, and was glowing brilliantly.

  • When Gurudev observed the child carefully, he saw that it was Bhagwan Shri Krishna in his child form who was sleeping in the boat. The child form of Shri Krishna came to Gurudev and said that I live on the earth in the form of Shri Krishna but in the divine abode I live in this child form.

  • Gurudev says that Bhagwan Shri Krishna’s divine power stays with him at all times and completes all kinds of jobs perfectly.