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Our organization is dedicated to serving people across the globe irrespective of their nationality, color, caste and creed for ushering in a society based on universal brotherhood, love and compassion by transforming them from within through meditation and mantra chanting. Here we are presenting a glimpse of our activities.

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Meditation Sessions in Schools

Children are the future of India. They are young impressionable minds who can be easily taught the art of living. At the same time they can be transformed to be loving, kind, helpful & compassionate beings. Keeping this in mind our volunteers organize meditation sessions for various schools and colleges from time to time.

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GSSY at Hospitals

Our volunteers organize meditation sessions for different hospitals from time to time. Hospital patients have reported positive change in their attitude and quick recovery from different kinds of diseases after practicing Gurudev Siyag’s Siddha Yoga. Many of them have reported that their recovery was not less than a miracle.

Armed Forces

Armed Forces

AVSK, Jodhpur organizes meditation camps for different units of Armed Forces, Border Security Forces (BSF), CISF, Coast Guards, Navy etc. These efforts have been appreciated by the unit heads of different forces.

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GSSY at Central Jail

Meditation sessions organized by the team of GSSY volunteers at different Central Jails has helped many prisoners experience inner calmness and peace after a long time. These efforts have been appreciated by the Heads of Central Jails.

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GSSY at Old Age Homes

AVSK, Jodhpur has organized many camps in different old age homes for senior citizens. Senior citizens have given the prime period of their lives in serving the nation. It is our duty to ensure that the best of services reach them. Many of them have reported feeling healthier, peaceful and blissful by practicing Gurudev Siyag's Siddha Yoga.

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