Divine Bliss

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Joy is an internal happiness, it comes into the hearts of all true believers. It dwells in the heart and is not transitory like other worldly sensual pleasures. Lord’s joy is perfect; it keeps filling up cups of our hearts till they overflow. His joy that flows in our hearts can overflow to the hearts of others as well.”


— Divine Bliss described in The Bible

Lord Krishna has explained thoroughly this Divine joy in the Bhagwat Gita thus:

  • When the soul is no longer attached to external contacts (objects) one finds the happiness that is in the Self. Such a one who is self-controlled in Yoga on God (Brahma) enjoys undying bliss” (B.G. 5:21).

  • “The yogi of subdued mind, ever keeping himself thus harmonized, attains to peace, the supreme nirvana, which abides in Me”. (B.G. 6:15)

  • ““That in which he finds this supreme delight, perceived by the intelligence and beyond the reach of the senses, wherein established, he no longer falls away from the truth” (B.G. 6:21)

  • “For supreme happiness comes to the yogin whose mind is peaceful, whose passions are at rest, who is stainless and has become one with God” (B.G. 6:27).

  • “Thus making the self ever harmonized the yogin, who has put away sin, experiences easily the infinite bliss of contact with the Eternal” (B.G. 6:28).