Gurudev Siyag Siddha Yoga (GSSY)

Eyesight recovered after experiencing Blindness

In  September’2017, I (Tulsi Devi) experienced slight headache. I consulted a doctor who prescribed some medicines but it didn’t help. Later I started having severe headaches and soon after I lost vision of my left eye.

I consulted the doctors at AIIMS, Jodhpur who told me that it was an incurable disease. They prescribed an injection, telling that it might give some relief. I took three such injection costing Rs. 6000/ each but still no relief. The pain kept on increasing so went to Mathuradas Mathur Hospital and ASG hospital in Jodhpur but nothing helped. An Eye Specialist, doctor Rajeev Desai at Tarabai Desai Hospital after examining me said that there was no treatment for this. He said still I can try an injection which costs $36000 each. I took that injection, felt relief for a short period but then the pain resumed.

Me and my husband had become helpless by now. Looking at our poor economic condition Doctor Rajeev Desai told us that as there is no treatment available for this, it is useless to go anywhere.

One day while sorting his papers my husband found a small book on Guurdev Siyag’s Siddha Yoga. He later read it. The book had detailed information about Siddha Yoga, Sanjeevani Mantra, Kundalini and also the fact that all kinds of diseases could be cured by chanting the Sanjeevani mantra and meditating on Gurdev Siyag’s picture. The book also had experiences of his disciples.

My husband immediately developed full faith so we came to Jodhpur Ashram on ‘Guru Poornima’ on 27th July’2018 and took initiation. I started meditation and intense chanting of Sanjeevani Mantra. The outcome of this is that I feel a lot better now. I can now see through the eye where as earlier I could see nothing. There is more than 50% improvement.

Apart from this, I also feel deep peace within. Because of complete faith in Gurudev, I get a lot of joy in just chanting of Sanjeevani Mantra and Meditation.

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