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Spiritual Awakening in India

The spiritual world in India is in complete darkness right now. Till the common citizens of India accept this weakness from within and try to get rid off it by collective efforts, this terrible darkness is not going to be dispelled. We Indians lack this ability that we do not admit our weakness. To hide it, we use logic by giving false reasoning and then try constantly to establish the lie as truth. This way we have assembled loads of lies in place of truth.

We are completely hollow in terms of spirituality. There is not going to be any change in our situation till we accept this truth.

 In relation to the darkness in India, Maharishi Aurobindo has said, “This is due to many reasons. There was a strong influence of ‘Tamsik’ (dark) tendencies and powers which could bring disorder even before the arrival of Britishers in India. After their arrival the entire ‘tamas’ has as if got solidified and settled here. Before any real work can be done it is important that awakening comes.Tilak, Das, Vivekanand, none of them were ordinary people, in spite of their being here,’tamas’(darkness) is still here. In relation to this Sri Maa has said,” All the problems of the world have got centralised in India and their getting resolved will lighten the burden of the whole world.” Till the time you Indians accept the above facts with open heart and try to look for the path of truth, darkness is not going to be dispelled

The power of God will clearly work where there is truth. People are mentally, physically and financially prosperous and lead a life of peace and happiness only by the grace of GOD. The presence of poverty, penury, violence, hatred, envy, cruelty etc. in our country, indicates clearly that from the point of view of spirituality there is complete darkness here. If the solution of the problem resided in misleading instructions, pretense of various kind, show off and illogical arguments, then the consciousness would have arrived long back.

But because of all this darkness is getting intense day by day. We will have to accept this truth. The situation becomes very clear from the letters which were sent by Swami Vivekanand from America to India in this relation.  Swamiji wrote a letter to Shri Alasingh Perumal which is as follows-

“Actually, what India has done for me, I have done many times more for it. There I get basket full of verbal abuses for a morsel of bread. Where ever I may go, God always sends people in hoards, who are ready to work for me. They are not like Indian disciples, they are ready to sacrifice their life for their Guru.

What does the GOD want to do in Western countries? This will be visible to you Hindus in a few years. You are like Yahoodi’s from the ancient time and your condition is like a dog lying in a trough who neither eats not lets other eat too. You have no religious sentiments. Kitchen is your God and utensils your scriptures. Your power lies only in begetting many of your own kind.” The above description clearly shows our spiritual state based on which we feel proud.

In relation to this Swamiji had written a letter from Paris on 1St Sept’1895. That letter shows the real picture of our spiritualism. The letter says,” The way I belong to India, the same way I belong to the whole world too. It is meaningless to talk non-sense in this relation. I helped you people to whatever extent I could but now you should help yourself.

Which country has a special right over me? Am I a slave to a caste who has bought me? Non-believeratheists, you people should not make such meaningless foolish talk.I have worked hard and whatever money I got, I have been sending it to Calcutta and Madras. After doing all this, now will I have to function according to their foolish instructions? Don’t you feel ashamed? For what do I owe anything to those people? Do I care for their praises or am I afraid of their ill talks? Child, I am a person with such a strange nature that it is not possible for you all to know me now. You keep on doing your work. If you cannot then sit quietly. Don’t try to make me work according to your wishes based on your foolishness.

I do not need help from anybody. All my life I only have been helping others.The people who do not have the power to collect even two to four rupees to support the work of Shri Ram Krishna Parmahans, are talking non-sense and are trying to rule over the person for whom they have done nothing, instead that person has done everything for them to whatever extent it was possible.

The world is thankless like this. Are you trying to say that I am born to live and die among these casteist, kindless, deceitful, atheist cowards who are found among the educated Hindus only? I look upon cowardice with hatred.  I do not want to keep any relation with cowards and any foolishpolitical talks. I do not believe in any kind of politics. “God and truth alone are the only politics in the world, rest all is garbage.”  The direct experience of the spiritual world that I have undergone by the grace of Supreme divine force, is proven to be true by the above facts. Till we shun the false pride and establish a true relation with the divine force, nothing will be achieved. A lie has no legs. Ultimately for how long will we cheat our fellow men?

The wheel of time has not spared anyone. The biggest and mightiest of ‘tamsik’(Dark) power could not stand before it.Bhagwan Shri Krishna has said,

Kalo ‘smiloka-ksaya-krtpravrddho


Rte ‘pi tvamnabhavisyantisarve

Ye ‘vasthitahpratyanikesuyodhah

(Time I am, destroyer of the worlds, and I have come to engage all people. With the exception of you (the pandavas), all soldiers here on both sides will be slain.)

The same supreme power has already descended in the world about whom many saints have already predicted. So, now there is not much time left for ‘YugParivartan’( Change of  era) with the end of the ‘tamasikta’( darkness)

30th March 1988

– Samarth Gurudev Shri Ramlal Ji Siyag

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