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Salvation is possible only by worshipping Krishna

 Human species is the best among all kinds of living beings. Human body is the best form of GOD. Direct experience of GOD and Self realization is possible only in human body and liberation is impossible without it. Liberation is the ultimate aim of human life. Bhagawan Shri Krishna has clearly said that this human body is transitory and devoid of any happiness. It is possible to get liberation and divine bliss only by realizing God. In this context Bhagawan Shri Krishna has clearly mentioned in the 32nd and 33rd‘Shlok’ (verse) of the ninth chapter in Geeta: –

mam hi partha vyapasritya ye’pisyuh papa-yonayah 

striyo vaisyastatha sudraste’ pi yanti param gatim 9:32

kimpunarbrahmanah punya    bhakta rajarsayastatha

anityamasukhamlokam   imam prapyabhajasva mam 9:33

O’ Arjun! women, merchants, workers or one who is full of sin or anyone else, once they surrender unto me, get the supreme destination. Righteous Brahamins, the devotees and saintly kings also achieve the supreme destination. So, having come to this temporary miserable world, remember me.

But we see that even though BhagawanShri Krishna has clarified the situation in Geeta, still the man is in delusion and is wandering aimlessly like faithless atheists or else is worshipping the demi Gods or ghosts, enduring extreme pain and ultimately dies and gets a lower state (Adhogati). Because of ‘Kaliyug’( Dark age), ‘tamasik’ (dark, evil) powers are ruling the entire world so it is very difficult  to get out of the grip of ‘trigunamaye’(having three attributes) ‘yogmaya’( divine illusionary power) in this age. It is possible to getdeliverance only by complete surrender to Krishna. In this context, Bhagwan Shri Krishna has clearly said in the 14th‘Shlok’(verse) of the seventh chapter in Geeta: –

Daivi hyesa gunamayi mam maya duratyaya

mameva ye prapadyante mayametam taranti te 7:14

This divine energy of mine consisting of three modes of material nature is difficult to overcome. But those who constantly remember me can easily cross over it.

In this situation, it is impossible to get salvation by the kind of worship methods prevalent in this age. All the people of the world believethat the powers lying the field of the divine illusionary energy (Trigunmaye Maya) bestows salvation, are in delusion due to that.In this context, in the 16th‘Shlok’(verse) of chapter eighth in Geeta, Bhagawan Shri Krishna has clarified the situation as: –

  a-brahma-bhuvanallokah punara vartino’ rjuna

   mam upetya tu kaunteya punar janma na vidyate  8:16

From the highest planet in the material world down to the lowest, all are places of misery wherein repeated birth and death take place. But one who attains to My abode, ‘O’ son of Kunti, never takes birth again.

But in spite of this, due to the attributes of this age, people are in so much delusion that they are hoping to get Salvation by the powers which are actually responsible for bringing one to the cycle of birth and death. Bahgawan Shri Krishna has clearly said in the 66thShlok of chapter eighteenth in Geeta: –

sarva-dharmanparityajya    mamekam saranam vraja

aham tva msarva-papebhyo moksayisyami ma suchah 18:66

Abandon all varieties of religion and just surrender unto me.I shall deliver you from all sinful reactions.Do not fear.

Despite this people of the world are abandoning that eternal Supreme Power and are getting attracted to the illusory power (Maya). The world is being ruled by ‘tamsik’(dark or evil) powers completely.

In India this darknessis maximum. I feel great pain when spiritual teachers talk against the truth of physical science. Such people are not only ruining their own life but are also adding to their sins by putting ignorant people in danger in the name of religion.

In such a situation, Hindus of India will never be able to inspire the people of the world, however hard they may try. In India, right now neither religion nor truth, honesty and patriotism are left. Till we accept this bitter truth and find a cure to this illness, our well being is impossible. Applying tilak, colouring the clothes or skin is not going to work. This illness will be cured only by colouring the ‘Mann’(mind) with the name of Krishnasince ‘mann’ alone is responsible for making us do what we do. The great saint Meerabai has rightly said,” Apne hi rang me rang de chunariya”(colour my scarf in your own colour- implyingrequesting Krishna to colour our body,mind, heart and soul in HIS colours).

3rd April 1988

–Samarth Gurudev Shri Ramlal Ji Siyag

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