Gurudev Siyag Siddha Yoga (GSSY)


Below is Questionnaire prepared on the basis of talks Gurudev had with his disciples at different times. It may serve fruitful for the seekers.

I can reply you thousand times more if you ask me internally rather than what can I reply you  externally.  – Gurudev Sh. Ramlal Ji Siyag 

Disciple 1

Disciple : In what time Kundalini Shakti would be awakened?

Gurudev :  There is no time,  only faith works(Check). Have you made any Guru?

Disciple : Yes Gurudev. In kashi, there is Swami

Gurudev : See whatever name I will tell, if you chant that, than only you will be benefitted, whatever you desire, you will get.

Disciple 2

 Disciple : Gurudev during meditation I saw you are Lord Krishna. What does it mean?

Gurudev : (Smiling ) You know.

Disciple 3

 Disciple : Gurudev she is my wife, from Russia, she wants you to bless her family members and they do your meditation.

Gurudev : Yes, take my English Book “ Religious Revolution in the World “ and CD , show it to your family members and in Russia also. Do Chanting of Mantra every time.

Disciple 4

 Disciple : Gurudev there is problem in my Kidney, there is always stomach pain. Doctor says your both kidneys have failed.

Gurudev : You will be cured. Do chanting of Name. 

Disciple 5

 Disciple : Gurudev I am preparing for competition. What should I do to get success in competition?

Gurudev : Come on initiation programme on Thursday, we will tell you how to meditate. If you do that than you would be successful.

Disciple 6

 Disciple : Gurudev there is difficulty in chanting the mantra.

Gurudev : You have to chant the name. To reach the goal, you have to walk i.e. you have to chant the name.

Disciple 7

 Disciple : Gurudev I can’t meditate ?

Gurudev : Do chanting of name ever time, just like oil flows uninterruptedly, like endless chain of cycle.

Disciple 8

 Disciple : Gurudev I can’t do chanting of name.

Gurudev : Try to do this, everything is possible by trying.

Disciple 9

 Disciple : Gurudev I am hearing Naad, should I hear Naad or do Mantra  Chanting.

Gurudev : Listen to Naad

Disciple : We do not hear Naad in crowded areas, than what we should do?

Gurudev : Yes, than do Mantra Chanting.

Disciple : And while doing meditation.

Gurudev : At that time listen to Naad.

Disciple 10

 Disciple : My liver is increasing continuously, showed to the Doctors but I had no relief.

Gurudev : Do Mantra Chanting, you will be cured.

Disciple 11

 Disciple : I have AIDS.

Gurudev : Does your wife also have ?

Disciple : Yes Gurudev.

Gurudev : Do meditation for 15 minutes, and chant the Mantra every time, you will be cured.

Disciple 12

 Disciple : Gurudev I hear both Bell and Ajapa (Continuous Self Nonstop Chanting of Divine Mantra in one’s body ). What should I do ?

Gurudev : Listen to Ajapa

Disciple 13

 Disciple : Gurudev I along with my family is doing your meditation for last two years. I have left worshipping Mother Power and doing Navaratri, will it create trouble?

Gurudev : No troubles would be there. I have come, now do my meditation. I am 10th Incarnation, I am Kalki Avatar

Disciple 14

 Disciple : Gurudev can we do meditation for more than 15 minutes?

Gurudev : Do meditation for 15 minutes only and Mantra Chanting every time – round the clock. You have to do meditation for 15 minutes only otherwise you will be in trouble in after some time

Disciple 15

 Disciple : I have problem of Blood Pressure.

Gurudev : Do Meditation and Mantra Chanting every time, you will be cured.

Disciple 16

 Disciple : Gurudev I have hole in my Heart.

Gurudev : From how much time ?

Disciple : I showed to Doctor a year before, they asked to do operation.

Gurudev : Not of Heart, You will be cured, Do Mantra Chanting.

Disciple 17

 Disciple : My both Kidney’s are damaged, I am on dialysis.

Gurudev : From  where you have come ?

Disciple : From Orissa.

Gurudev : You will be cured, do mantra chanting.

Disciple 18

 Disciple : Gurudev, Is Naad heard from one ear?

Gurudev : Yes, From one ear or from both ears also.

Disciple 19

 Disciple : What is such thing in this Mantra and is this process different from other Yoga Technique?

Gurudev : Krishna was 9th Incarnation and I am 10th Incarnation. I am KALKI AVATAR, My image induces Automatic Meditation. Images of Ram & Krishna does not induces Meditation.

Disciple : Mahrishi Aurbindo in his book has stated that a man should not have a planning but a target, the ways are opened automatically.

Gurudev : Right, that book describes about my Incarnation, Each and every word written in that book is right and written about me. I am Kalki Avatar.

Disciple 20

 Disciple : Due to Busy Schedule, I can’t do Intensive Mental Chanting than how Non-Stop Chanting is possible ?

Gurudev : Doesn’t matter, Do meditation early in the morning. When you see patients , concentrate on them only.

Disciple 21

 Disciple : Should I perform Gayatri Hawan or not?

Gurudev : Gayatri Puja is only for hermits only. Not for householders. I have also done Gayatri Sadhana ( Devotion ) but that has given me poverty only. But when I took initiation of Radha-Krishna I became prosperous.

Disciple 22

 Disciple : Gurudev these Negative Forces are puzzling very much to the people, when these would be destroyed?

Gurudev : Would be, Definetly but it would take some time. Mahrishi Aurbindo had  said Iron Age is ended, Kaliyug is ended. But still its effects are there.

Disciple 23

 Disciple : Cant these Negative Forces be destroyed completely? Don’t they also puzzle you?

Gurudev : My Son, These negative forces can’t come to me. They can’t do anything to me. These forces would be destroyed, I have come for this purpose only. I have set alone in this world to elevate Positive Tendencies and to destroy all its Negative Tendencies completely. No particular Caste, Religion or Nation can claim monopolistic right over me. I am 10th Incarnation, Kalki Avatar and I have all rights of Kalki Avatar.

Disciple : After Meditation I become more sleepy, some times I take sleep.

Gurudev : That is not Sleep, it is Tandra. In this stage of Sleep dream seen is always True.

Disciple 24

 Disciple : If I take your name and do treatment of patients, will you be with me? 

Gurudev : Yes, You do the treatment after taking my name , I will always be with you . Science doesn’t readily accept the  things. But by Chanting and Meditation thousands of Aids patients have cured.

Disciple 25

 Disciple : Gurudev I have done various kinds of worship and of  Gayatri Mantra. Will I get help in this devotion.

Gurudev : No, those reverences have no link with this worship. In this worship, it is my duty to take you ahead.

Disciple 26

 Disciple : Gurudev you are now in bodily form where we can ask you all our queries, we can talk you about our problems. After you leave your body, how our queries would be solved?

Gurudev : See I am Kalki Avatar. My photo image induces meditation. My photo will not die. That will reply your queries.

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