Gurudev Siyag Siddha Yoga (GSSY)

From Gurudev's Divine Writings

I, in the initial stages of my life have been an atheist. I didn’t believe in any such power called GOD. I believed only in the power of human beings because at the very beginning of my job, I came in touch with people who worked for Worker’s Union   Read more….. 

In our religious scriptures glories of Guru has been sung immensely. The position of Guru has been accepted as higher than GOD. That is why the followers of ‘Vedant’ religion whom the world nowadays calls ‘Hindu’, give a huge importance to Guru-disciple tradition.    Read more….. 

I can see that the people of this age, when they read or hear about ‘Naam Khumari’ (Intoxication due to divine name) or ‘Naam Amaal’ mentioned by Saint Kabir and Guru Nanak Dev ji Maharaj, they are not able to believe it. According to their knowledge they are not able to….    Read more….. 

In the Master-disciple (Guru-Shishya) tradition, initiation is a rule. Among all types of initiations, ‘Shaktipat’ initiation is the best. In ‘Shaktipat’ initiation, Guru by his own wish awakens the kundalini of the seeker by any one of the four ways- 1) By touch 2) By sight 3)……   Read more….. 

Human species is the best among all kinds of living beings. Human body is the best form of GOD. Direct experience of GOD and Self realization is possible only in human body and liberation is impossible without it.  Read more….. 

Bhagawan Shri Krishna has clearly mentioned in the 39th Shlok (Verse) of Chapter 10 in ‘Geeta’ (An Indian Scripture) …..

Read more….. 

This way the awakening of only thefirst soul is difficult.Just the way it doesn’t take time to lit a number of lamps once the first one is lit, in the same way one lit lamp can remove the darkness in the world by lighting up countless lamps. One enlightened Guru is enough for the world.  Read more…..

The spiritual world in India is in complete darkness right now. Till the common citizens of India accept this weakness from within and try to get rid off it by collective efforts, this terrible darkness is not going to be dispelled. We Indians lack this ability that we do not admit our weakness. Read more….. 

India remained a slave for centuries which led to darkness setting here on this holy land. Except for ‘Vedantis’, followers of all the religions of the world have until now developed till ‘Dwait-Bhav’ (Duality). Today in India also ‘Dwait-Bhav’(State of duality) is popular. According to Philosophy, centuries back, India had developed to ‘AdvaitBhav’(Non- dualistic state). Read more…..

In this era spiritual life has been explained in a very strange way. Because of this imaginary and untrue description of spiritual life, people of this era consider spirituality as meaningless and a pretense. This is the reason that in this era, religion has suffered badly. A definite result should come for any kind of work done. Read more….. 

The origin of ‘word’ is a gift of the Supreme Power. Every letter represents power of some kind. All the powers exist within the human body. Each kind of power has its distinct location in the body.  So, by chanting a suitable ‘mantra’ Read more….. 

Spiritual consciousness spreads by the efforts of divine power. Effort by human mind is not going to be successful in this. Human effort can maximum be described as publicity with the help of scientific equipments.    Read more….. 

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