Gurudev Siyag Siddha Yoga (GSSY)


Is Siddha Yoga free of charge?

Yes, it is completely free of charge.

Can we meditate for more than 15 minutes?

No, Gurudev told to meditate only for 15 minutes.

Why can’t we meditate for more than 15 minutes?

We shouldn’t meditate for more than 15 minutes as we live in a hot climate. The Siddha Yoga Meditation produces heat. Meditating for more than 15 minutes can cause problems due to excess heat. Yogi’s used to go to Himalayas because the heat in the body increases due to meditation so they used to go there and meditate bare body to off set the effect of excess heat.

Should we chant the Sanjeevani Mantra ourselves or can we just keep hearing it in Gurudev’s voice?

The Sanjeevani Mantra has to be chanted by the disciple as much as possible while doing all the daily activities like bathing, eating, driving etc.

Is the transformation by meditating on Gurudev still possible although Gurudev is no longer in his physical body?

Yes, transformation by meditating on Gurudev’s image is still possible as Gurudev was never limited by his physical body. Being an enlightened and an empowered Spiritual Master, He is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscience.

Is it necessary to come to AVSK, Jodhpur to benefit from Gurudev Siyag’s Siddha Yoga?

No, it is not necessary to come to AVSK, Jodhpur to benefit from Gurudev Siyag’s Siddha Yoga.

Is it compulsory to meditate two times everyday?

Yes, Gurudev has told to meditate 2 times – morning and evening preferably on an empty stomach but if for some reason you are not able to meditate, there is no harm

If I already have a Guru, can I still benefit from Siddha yoga?

To get the benefits of Siddha yoga, Gurudev said that you will have to accept him as your Guru, surrender and ask for grace. The spiritual practice of only Siddha Yoga will have to be followed. Also, mantra of only GURUDEV will have to be chanted.

I am from a different religion. Can I still practice Gurudev Siyag’s Siddha Yoga?

Yes, Gurudev Siyag’s Siddha Yoga is for the people of all nationality, religion, caste and creed. In short it is for the benefit of entire mankind.

What are the rules and regulations I have to follow in order to benefit from Siddha yoga?

There are no rules regulations to follow. The seeker needs to do only 2 things- Meditate and chant the the  Sanjeevani Mantra morning and evening preferably on an empty stomach. 

If it possible for a person who drinks alcohol and is non vegetarian to practice Siddha Yoga?

Yes, you do not need to change your life style to practice Siddha Yoga. Gurudev used to say, “You need not give up the things, the things will give you up.” 

Do I have to wear any particular dress while meditating?

No, you can wear anything you want while meditating.

What is the aim of this Siddha Yoga?

Spiritual Evolution and Divine transformation of mankind.

Can I get up in the middle of meditation if something requires my attention?

Yes, you may.

In which direction should I sit to meditate?

You may sit facing any direction.

Do I need to sit in a particular way to meditate?

No, you may sit comfortably on the floor, mat, couch, chair, bed, or meditate while lying on the bed if unwell etc. Meditate by sitting in any posture that is comfortable.

I am not able to pronounce the mantra correctly while chanting, will I not be benefitted due to this?

Gurudev used to say that in Mental chanting the pronunciation is not so important although it is important that you have a complete faith and love for the Guru.

Can we tell about Gurudev’s Siddha Yoga to others?

Yes, you may.

I don’t suffer from any kind of disease or addictions; how can I still benefit from Siddha yoga?

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