Gurudev Siyag Siddha Yoga (GSSY)

Guru Poornima Celebrations

(Falls in every month of July on full moon day as per Hindu calendar year of Aasadh month)

Spiritually this is a most auspicious day between Guru-Disciple. On this day Maharishi Veda Vyas initiated his disciples on Spiritual Path. After this, this day is celebrated with great reverence on this Holy Land of India. According to Vyas Ji, Guru Poornima Day has great importance for Disciples. On this day, Disciples worship their Guru and seeks his blessings. This sacred moment of meeting with Guru is acquired by God’s Grace.  This auspicious day is celebrated on full moon day of Aasadh month according to Hindu Calendar Year , which comes in every month of July as per English calendar year .

On this occasion thousands of disciples gather at AVSK Jodhpur Ashram and worship Gurudev and seeks his blessings. Video recording of Gurudev’s Divine Discourse is played followed by 15 meditation and distribution of pleasance (Prasad).

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