Gurudev Siyag Siddha Yoga (GSSY)

Cases Cured

I Badrinarayan s/o Shri Joraram Ji, after suffering from fever for prolonged time showed to Dr. C P Joshi on 13.09.2001 who carried out blood test and confirmed HIV +ve. Doctors started the treatment, but there was no relief, day by day my health was detoriating. Illness had taken its worst form, whole body had swollen and lumps had formed.   Read more….. 

My name is Rameshwar Prasad, I am a truck driver. In March’2011 I felt some pain in my throat. I was in Gujarat at that time. My pain went on increasing day by day, and it became difficult to drive the vehicle. I consulted the doctors at the SMS hospital Jaipur, they declared it to be Cancer, and my report was sent to Bombay for verification,    Read more….. 

In  September’2017, I (Tulsi Devi) experienced slight headache. I consulted a doctor who prescribed some medicines but it didn’t help. Later I started having severe headaches and soon after I lost vision of my left eye.   Read more….. 

I, Tararam Paliwal, am a clerk in a factory in Balotara city in Badmer district, Rajasthan. I have been suffering from tuberculosis for the last 20 years. Every month I was consuming medicines worth Rs.2000/. I used to feel difficulty in breathing in any dusty area. There was no support from family. I was in distress.   Read more….. 

I was initiated from Gurudev Siyag on 29th June 1995. The very next day, I prepared all family members to meditate on Gurudev’s photograph. After that I organised a meditation session during prayer time in my school. After this I started organising Gurudev’s meditation sessions in various other schools and with other people.   Read more….. 

We, Smt. Sunita and Ghanshyam Choudhary, state that our son, Hemant, who is eleven years old now, was suffering from Hemophilia since birth. When Hemant was one and a half years old, he suffered a head injury and had to be operated and due to excess blood loss, he was given two bottles of blood.    Read more….. 

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