Gurudev Siyag Siddha Yoga (GSSY)

Cure of Physical Diseases

Practice of GSSY awakens the Kundalini. Once awakened, the Kundalini brings about yogic kriyas which in turn free the body from all kinds of diseases.

Only that part of the body experiences kriyas which is diseased. For instance, if you are experiencing problems in the shoulder or neck you may undergo yogic kriyas in that area. Once the Kundalini fortifies and tones up that area, the kriyas cease to take place.

In the case of a disease such as AIDS, which attacks the entire body, the patient may experience internal kriyas such as sensations of heat, electricity or tingling.

Regular practice of GSSY strengthens the immune system.

The Kundalini acts as a protective shield of the immune system and wards off the onslaught or recurrence of any disease.

Positive effects begin to show between two to 15 days of regular meditation and chanting.

The impact of GSSY is completely based on the practitioner’s sincerity and dedication toward the practice. The more sincerity the practice is done with, the faster the disease is cured.

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