Gurudev Siyag Siddha Yoga (GSSY)

Guru Dakshina

Under Indian yogic traditions, a guru occupies a unique position in the field of spiritualism. He not only looks after the spiritual welfare of his disciple but also acts as a bridge for the disciple to reach out to the divine Absolute whom we call God. A disciple must acknowledge his gratitude for the Guru’s altruistic love and help by offering him a Dakshina, a token of gratitude.

         Dakshina could be in the form of money, physical work or service by way of spreading Guru’s message to others interested in self realization. This offering should be voluntary as a guru doesn’t ask for it. It is a yogic belief that a guru-disciple relationship matures fully when the disciple offers Dakshina to guru on making desired progress on the path of yoga or attaining his spiritual goal. There is no standard way in which a disciple should offer Dakshina. This depends largely on the disciple’s own level of gratitude and respect for the guru, besides his monetary or material position.

A true guru like Guru Siyag accepts gracefully even a tiny gesture of gratitude such as a floral tribute or fruits from his disciple. A disciple’s spiritual worth is not decided by how much and what he offers his guru, but how deeply he feels grateful for the guru’s help in his spiritual elevation. The offering could be according to the religious leanings of the disciple or according to his sentiments – 10 per cent of his overall earnings, one rupee, a penny or even a flower. But this gift has to be given wholeheartedly, only then does the Guru accept it.

People think they are giving charity to the Guru. But the truth is that the Guru is never in any need of charity nor can charity be given to the Guru.
Those disciples who wish to make an offering to Gurudev after the initiation can give it directly to him. If they are unable to give it to him in person then they can send it to his SBI account in India and inform him by email about it. Here are the details of the account:

Alternatively contributions can also be made to the organisation. Given below are the details of the same: 

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