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Countless people living stress-filled lives in big cities and smaller towns around the world constantly look for a panacea that can help them get rid of stress and ailments they suffer when modern medicine is of no help. Others are in earnest search of eternal truth and God. Many of these people take to yoga to reach their intended goals. Their enthusiasm however begins to wane after a short while because most of them soon discover that the daily regimen of yoga workouts isn't easy to sustain for long; either due to lack of time or irregular hours of work. That apart, various yogic asanas (postures) — twists and contortions of body — aren't easy to perform for most people. In fact, in most cases it is not advisable to initially perform yogic postures without the watchful eye of a guru or a yoga trainer. Joining a yoga studio could be expensive or impracticable for those who are hard pressed for time. Does this mean that yoga isn't for ordinary folks, who have neither time nor resources to access systematic yoga training? Ordinarily, the answer would be, "Yes, Yoga isn't practicable for all."

However, a highly evolved spiritual master, can make the practice of yoga much simpler and easy to follow and effective for his disciples by using his own spiritual powers. Guru Siyag, being one such Master, helps his disciples avail of the best of yoga benefits through his Siddha Yoga without their having to go through the rigors of training and workouts at home or in the gyms. Under Siddha Yoga, all an interested person is required to do is to get initiated by Guru Siyag, and the rest is easy to follow.

Guru Siyag initiates a seeker as his disciple by giving him/her a mantra — a divine word — to chant silently and shows him/her how to meditate every day. The daily meditation is to be accompanied by chanting of the mantra. The chanting of the mantra becomes automatic when it is repeated constantly over a certain period of time. This however depends directly on the degree of intensity, faith and sincerity with which the chanting is done. In some cases the chanting becomes automatic just over a week while some other cases it takes a fortnight or even a few months. Besides chanting of the mantra, the disciple is also required to meditate briefly — for about 15 minutes at a time — for instance, in the morning and evening.

A practitioner of GSSY begins to notice positive and evident changes when he/she has practiced meditation regularly over a period of time. The effect of chronic ailments and diseases begins to wear off to a point where the practitioner feels he/she is completely freed from pain and suffering that have dogged one for years. GSSY has the same positive impact on people, who are addicted to drugs, alcohol, etc or those, who suffer varying degrees of mental problems such as schizophrenia, Phobias, etc. If healthy, a practitioner progresses faster on the spiritual path, making him realize his true self and the purpose of why he is here on earth, and how he can actually realize God. Faith and dedication to Guru Siyag is the key to achieve effective results from the practice of Siddha Yoga. GSSY is open to all irrespective of their color, race, religion, nationality, gender or age.