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Freedom from Addiction

Practitioner does not have to make the effort to leave the substance.
GSSY destroys the desire within the person to consume a particular substance.
The practitioner therefore does not experience any withdrawal symptoms.
As the person was not forced to leave the substance he / she does not relapse into the habit again.
Guru Siyag sums up the freedom-from-addiction quite simply: "You don't have to give up the things; the things will give you up."
Similarly, with food too, GSSY destroys the desire within the person to consume certain foods that may cause obesity or illness. An obese practitioner thus begins to lose weight without having to go on a diet.
Many organs of the body damaged by the intake of a substance are healed. For instance, the intake of cigarettes or alcohol damages the lungs and liver respectively. GSSY heals these organs within a short span of practice.
Some addictions are so deeply assimilated in our system that it is difficult to recognize them. Addiction to power, success and control are not easily identifiable but their debilitating effect can be felt only when the person is deprived of them.
The practice of GSSY first makes the person aware of such an addiction and then helps him / her overcome it.