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Empowered Guru Siyag

Once a person becomes Guru Siyag's disciple — through Diksha or by practicing Siddha Yoga meditation with Gurudev's photograph, without being initiated — both get connected spiritually on a subtle plane. Even if time and distance separate them, the spiritual connection remains strong and subtle. Through his unique spiritual power, Guru Siyag maintains a benevolent watch over each of his disciples for his wellbeing, no matter if the disciple happens to be living in a far-off place in India or half way across the world in a different time zone.

Thus Guru Siyag leads the disciple to self-realization or realization of God safely through human existence, which is full of pitfalls, sorrows and attachments. However, this divine realization can be achieved only through complete surrender to the Guru; it cannot be gained through the use of money, manipulation, stealth, deception or intimidation.

According to Vedic scriptures, only a Siddha Guru, an empowered spiritual master, with an altruistic aim can bring about a positive change in human Gunas and Vrittis by initiating a spiritual seeker into Yoga. Since Sattva is a force of equilibrium that ushers in true wisdom, its elevation on mass scale can transform the entire mankind by eliminating conflicts and discords, and bind the whole humanity together with peace and harmony.

This is the mission — spiritual transformation of mankind — that Guru Siyag has undertaken by promoting the practice of Siddha Yoga.

Guru Siyag has proclaimed, "I have set out alone to elevate the Sattva Guna in mankind and to destroy all its Tamasic tendencies completely. No single nation, religion, race or caste can claim a monopolistic right over me."