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Awakening of Kundalini

Since Kundalini is the cosmic energy that originates from the Supramental Consciousness, it is an omniscient force, which enables the Yoga practitioner to realize his true self. Once this self-realization is achieved, the Yoga practitioner is led to Moksha, the final liberation from worldly existence and its attendant miseries.

There is a close link between Kundalini and an intricate network of 72,000 Nadis, vein-like structures that exists in the whole of the human body. Three of these Nadis are like arterial ways that spiral upwards from the base of the spinal column all the way to the roof the brain, called Sahasrara. The middle artery, also considered the major pathway, is known as Sushumana. The other two arteries on either side of Sushumana are called Ida and Pingala. Six Chakras and three Granthis — consciousness centers or cosmic energy hubs are located vertically above one another at brief intervals in Sushumana.

This entire network of Nadis, Chakras and Granthis exists in another dimension not known to science, in so subtle a form that no high-tech laboratory gadgets can ever detect its presence. However, when Kundalini is awakened through chanting of Guru Siyag's divine mantra and meditation, it rises through Sushumana to reach Sahasrara, its final destination where its master — Param Shiva — the eternal supramental consciousness resides. As it spirals upwards through Sushumana, the Kundalini energizes the whole network of ‘Nadis' and pierces the Chakras one by one. The awakened Kundalini gets connected directly to the Supramental Consciousness through the Sushumana pathway. As a result of this, every pore and cell in the human body is purified and purged of its bodily and mental afflictions, making the Yoga practitioner energized and ready for the onward spiritual journey. The outward manifestations of this cleansing process are Yogic Kriyas or involuntary body movements that occur during Siddha Yoga meditation. Swaying from side to side, rapid movement of the head, clapping and uncoordinated movement of hands are some of the most typical of these Kriyas.

To an untrained or uninitiated observer, these may look bizarre or even alarming. But they are neither abnormal nor do they cause any bodily harm. Kundalini, being an all-knowing energy force, is aware of which body part or organ is in acute need of healing or cleansing. So, the Kundalini makes the practitioner perform Kriyas that are specific to his needs. With this cleansing, the practitioner is cured of all kinds of chronic and even terminal diseases such as HIV, AIDS, cancer, arthritis etc., and genetic disorders like hemophilia, mental afflictions too are completely cured and stress is completely relieved.

Also, the piercing of different consciousness centers equips the practitioner with Siddhis (powers) such as increased intuition, the ability to see unlimited past and future and perceive the existence of worlds beyond the physical one that we live in. When the Kundalini reaches Sahasrahara, the practitioner's spiritual journey is complete as it is here that he realizes his true self. This realization releases him from the bondage of Karmas, which are the root cause of all human miseries. It is also here that the seeker realizes that he is himself the Brahma, the eternal Supramental Consciousness, the state which also known as Moksha.

However, Kundalini cannot be awakened by merely reading yoga books or by following a yoga trainer's instructions. The very central purpose of Yoga is to promote spiritual evolution of human race. Therefore, only a spiritual master like Guru Siyag, who has attained the highest level of spiritual consciousness himself, can awaken the dormant Kundalini.