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AVSK Profile

Guru Siyag has institutionalized his spiritual mission by setting up Adhyatma Vigyan Satsang Kendra (AVSK), a Jodhpur (Rajasthan)-based service-oriented private registered trust comprising some of his close disciples as trustees and general members and himself as the patron head. The organization is dedicated to revival, the promotion and propagation of India's Spiritual Science to bring about Spiritual Transformation in mankind. Guru Siyag has developed his unique form of yoga called Siddha Yoga to achieve this lofty goal by helping to eliminate suffering and pain caused by dreaded diseases such as cancer and HIV/AIDS, and promoting brotherhood and peace around the world through Spiritual Evolution.

In its current form, AVSK is not a hierarchical organization with clear demarcation of divisions and duties for its members. AVSK is a loose network of thousands of Guru Siyag's disciples of varying social, ethnic and professional backgrounds in India and abroad melded together by their devotion to Gurudev and keen desire to serve him in his altruistic global mission.

Anyone who has been initiated into Siddha Yoga by Guru Siyag is considered to be an AVSK member. No formal registration or payment of fee is required for a disciple to be an AVSK member. Active AVSK members work as volunteers to carry out various duties to serve the mission. The duties include canvassing through wall-posters and public contacts; organizing Guru Siyag's initiation programs; make audio-visual presentations on Gurudev's mission; and conducting meditation sessions in India and abroad.

AVSK, being a non-profit spiritual, organization, has no source of income of its own nor does it seek any funding from Government or Corporate houses. All its activities are funded through voluntary contributions in cash or kind by Guru Siyag's disciples. AVSK volunteers can set up self-funded meditation centers in the cities they live after due consent from Gurudev.